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Hand burn injuries are traumatic and can lead to functional and cosmetic impairments. Dr. Jamil Al Jamali specializes in providing comprehensive care, from immediate treatment to long-term reconstructive surgeries.

Hands Burn Surgery

What is Hand Burn Surgery?

Hand burn surgery primarily falls into two categories: acute and reconstructive. Acute burn care is administered immediately post-injury and is often led by trauma surgeons specializing in burn care. Major burns, especially on vital body areas, necessitate treatment at verified burn centers. As burns heal, some patients might need reconstructive burn surgery, primarily under a plastic surgeon’s care, aiming to enhance the scars’ function and appearance. This typically involves altering scar tissue through both non-operative and operative means, fostering a long-lasting relationship between the surgeon and the patient.

What happens during Hand Burn Surgery?

Reconstructive burn treatments can be either non-operative or operative. Non-operative methods include scar massagepressure garments, and other topical treatments. Surgical options primarily involve scar release procedures, where tight scar tissue is released and subsequently closed by a plastic surgeon. Techniques such as skin graftsskin rearrangements (Z-plasty), and skin donor flaps can be employed based on scar location and patient goals. While minor procedures can be outpatient, larger grafts might need inpatient care. Alternatively, tissue expansion can also be employed, especially on the face, neck, hands, arms, and legs.

Going home after Hand Burn Surgery

After the surgery, adhering to post-operative guidelines is pivotal for optimal healing and outcomes. Depending on the procedure type, specific post-operative care instructions will vary. In general, skin grafts necessitate a “bolster” dressing for 3-5 days, ensuring graft stability and healing. For scar releases on the hand, a larger dressing with a plaster splint might be used for post-surgery support. Typically, follow-up visits are scheduled within two weeks post-surgery. Further physical or occupational therapy might be needed to ensure complete functional recovery, involving splints, casts, and specialized exercises.

Specific complications following Hand Burn Surgery:

While reconstructive surgery aims to improve the function and appearance of scars, it might not erase burn scars entirely. Potential complications can include limited motion due to scarring, facial scarring affecting vital features, and scars that might be thick, wide, or discolored. Nonetheless, a combination of surgical and non-surgical interventions can significantly mitigate these complications.

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