Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) at Dr. Jamil Al Jamali’s Clinic


At Jamil Cosmetic, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP), a technique that uses your own blood to promote the healing of injured tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP)?

PRP treatment is an autologous procedure, meaning it originates from your own body. A small amount of your blood is drawn, processed using a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma. This protein liquid is then injected into the affected joint to alleviate pain, slow cartilage degradation, and improve your mobility.

What happens during Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) surgery?

The PRP treatment involves drawing blood from a vein in your arm. This blood is processed to separate the platelet-rich plasma, which is further processed to separate a protein liquid. This liquid is then injected into the affected joint. The treatment is performed in our outpatient clinic and takes less than 30 minutes.

Going home after Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) surgery

After PRP treatment, you may experience localised pain and swelling, which typically subsides over 24-48 hours. We recommend that you limit your activity level for 14 days following the treatment, though not exceeding your pre-injection activity levels.

Specific complications following Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP)

While PRP is a generally safe treatment, patients may experience localized pain and swelling in the treated area, which typically subsides within 24-48 hours. At Jamil Cosmetic, our focus is on your safety and recovery, providing you with all the necessary guidance and care.

Experience the benefits of PRP at Jamil Cosmetic. Contact us to schedule your treatment today.

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