Breast Reconstruction

Breast-Reconstruction surgery at Dr. Jamil Al Jamali Clinic


Embark on a journey of renewal with Dr. Jamil Al Jamali’s Breast-Reconstruction procedure, designed to recreate a natural breast shape after a mastectomy, providing renewed confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

Breast Reconstruction

What is a Breast-Reconstruction?

Breast-Reconstruction is an operative procedure that helps restore the shape of your breast after a mastectomy. The procedure can be done using a breast implant or a latissimus dorsi flap, using your own tissue. Consultation with Dr. Jamil Al Jamali will guide you to the right procedure for you.

What happens during Breast-Reconstruction surgery?

Breast-Reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia. For reconstruction with an implant, the implant is placed into a space under your chest muscle. If there is insufficient skin, an expandable implant (tissue expander) is used to stretch your skin over time. For reconstruction with latissimus dorsi muscle, the muscle is moved from your back to the front of your chest to create a breast shape, possibly in conjunction with an implant.

Going home after Breast-Reconstruction surgery

Post-surgery, a physiotherapist will assist you with exercises to aid your recovery. Usually, patients stay in the hospital for one to two days. You will receive instructions on wound care, medications, and activity restrictions. Regular outpatient visits will be required if you have an implant for saline injections.

Specific complications following Breast-Reconstruction

Possible complications include pain, bleeding, infection, scarring, blood clots, bruising, chronic pain, numbness, wound breakdown, and complications specific to implants like fluid buildup, thickening of scar tissue, kinking, and rupture.

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